D2E Gym Bush Fire Relief Drop Off Point

by D2E Gym Ballarat

Type: Ongoing

To anyone wishing to donate, please ensure only the below accepted items are donated:

Food and Toiletry donations only. Please no clothes, only material at this drop off point is for the animals (only needing blankets and towels) (food items must be newly purchased and only what is listed or it will not be accepted. Please no second hand products – must comply with laws – thank you for understanding)

Bottled water
Tinned goods
Breakfast cereals
Pasta and rice
Toilet paper and tissues
Pet food (cat and dog)
Pasta sauces
Tomato sauce
Toiletries: deodorants, shampoos, conditioners, razors, sanitary items, feminine needs, packaged soap, aftershave, toothbrushes, toothpastes, wipes, aero guard, sun screen, small shampoo/conditioner, sanitary hand wash, body wash, face washers, nappies, moisturisers.
Snack foods: muesli bars, chips, biscuits (sweet and savoury), salad’s, lollies, NO chocolate please
Flour, sugar, tea, coffee, milo
Paper plates, plastic cutlery
UHT milk (dairy farmer supportive)

With our Facebook donation button, casuals and upfront memberships we have already raised over $1000!!

For more information contact (03) 5336 4028