Relief Packs

by Tam Westwood on behalf of Operation Angel

Type: Limited
Starts: 8th Jan 4:00pm
Finishes: 10th Jan 6:00pm

Hi All.

Thankyou to all who have made contact via messages, phone calls and Facebook.

Some of you may be put off with the calls to cease material donations, however, rest assured, these packs are still required.

We are packing and developing the packs so no extra resources are being used unnecessarily. Please see below, the drop off point and times.

I have a beautiful friend also collecting in Armstrong Creek. Please message me for details.



Following Direct communication with our contacts in the field;


Each BASIC kit should contain:

1. Small Shampoo
2. Toothbrush & toothpaste.
3. Small soap or body wash.
4. Small Deodorant
5. Comb
6. Please place inside a plastic ziplock bag – approx 30 cm x 25 cm minimum size.

FEMALE specific kits:
All of the above, plus,
7. Tampons or sanitary napkins
8. Hair elastics.
**** Small treat (like one of those ‘gift with purchase’ lipsticks you got at Xmas but will never use!) optional.

FIREFIGHTER specific kit. These will be delivered upcountry to brigades and staging posts and used by frontliners when they come off the fire fronts for a quick nap and a shower when water available.

Please include all of the above items, plus (with or without Feminine sanitary products – but keep in mind, many CFA are female)

9. Eye Drops (their vision suffers from grit and smoke etc)
10. Clean face washer (water is limited & from experience we know firefighters want to scrape grime off their faces)
11. Clean hand towel (at a pinch, they are enough to dry off body after a quick shower)
12. Disposable razor
13. Metal spoons and forks. (Firefighters have noted that they can’t eat on the go without implements!!!)
14. Small Can of Tuna – (a small tuna can may be stored in a pocket and scoffed in the fire truck)
15. Small chocolates or sweets must be in wrappers.

You might like to include a personal thank you note to a firefighter in this pack.

Have a look at the attached photos for examples.

– – – – –

4pm untill 6pm
Wednesday 8th January, 2020
Thursday 9th January, 2020
Friday 10th January
St Patrick’s College Boarding Precinct;
Enter Via Alfred st, Newington, VIC, 3350.

– – – – – –

For more information contact 0439475803